Finally a cut for your curls! Ouidad is a trademarked cutting technique for curls. Whether you currently embrace your naturally curly locks or are thinking about letting your generally styled hair run wild, the revolution of this hair salon cut can make all the difference for the look of your hair. All of the hair stylists at The Hair Company are certified in the Ouidad style of cutting.

Curls require a specialized approach to enhance the pattern in which your specific type of hair curls. The method of carving and slicing patented in the Ouidad technique  removes the bulk and weight that accompanies curls and enhances the beauty of your natural hair. If you have ever tried to grow out curly hair, you have probably struggled with “triangle hair”. This is when the top of your hair becomes weighed down by all of  your heavy curls, and all of the body is at the very bottom of your hair forming a triangle shape. Don’t be a victim of triangle hair anymore. Embrace your natural curl by letting one of our hair styling specialists identify your curl pattern and customize your cut to the way that your hair naturally grows and sits.

What are you waiting for? Leave your hair in the hands of one of the experienced hair salon specialists at The Hair Company, and unleash your beauty! You can trust us to make sure that your hair look amazing each and every time that you come to visit us. Schedule an appointment for an Ouidad haircut today!