Brazilian blowout is a professional hair smoothing treatment that seals in strength and locks out frizz. This method temporarily straightens hair by sealing a liquid keratin and preservative solution into your hair with a hair iron. Your hair will be unbelievably smooth and frizz free, and it will have a radiant shine! The Hair Company salon treatment takes about 90 minutes for one of our experienced hairdressers to complete with results lasting for up to 12 weeks. With no additional waiting period once the treatment has been completed, you can wash your hair, exercise, or put your hair up immediately. This treatment is customizable, great for all types of hair, will not affect your curl pattern once the treatment has worn off, and will not leave a line of demarcation with new hair growth.

With a brazilian blowout, you are still able to style your hair however you would like; it just takes a fraction of the time that you would have to spend without your blowout. Your curls or waves will be shiny and frizz free. You can also blow dry your hair for straight, shiny, and frizz-free locks!

Get silky straight hair today! Leave your hair in the hands of one of the experienced hair salon specialists at The Hair Company. We will unleash the beauty of your hair in just one treatment! You can trust us to make sure that your hair looks amazing each and every time that you come to visit us. Schedule an appointment for a brazilian blowout today!