Bio ionic straightening, also known as Japanese straightening, is a treatment most beneficial to those who have bulky loose to medium, but not kinky, curly hair. The chemical solution breaks the bonds that shape your specific hair type. It is then rinsed and flat ironed to lock in chemical bonds neutralizing the anatomy of your hair. This process can take up to eight hours the first time that it is performed. You will not be able to wash, pull your hair back, or exercise for three to four days after the treatment because your hair will still be setting. Although this treatment is a little on the pricy side, it is well worth the cost for the permanent results. This treatment with leave your hair silky and smooth. Your hair will be bone straight after this treatment. It will be unable to hold body or be curled. This treatment is permanent, and the only way to get rid of it is to grow your hair out.  

If intensely straight, silky, soft hair is your MO, then bio ionic straightening is a great option for you! Let the expert hair stylists at The Hair Company give you long lasting, super straight and shiny locks! You can trust us to make sure that your hair treatment goes smoothly and be confident in our ability to make your hair look amazing each and every time that you come to visit us. Schedule an appointment for a bio ionic straightening treatment today!