Balayage is a very trendy and popular French hair highlighting technique. At The Hair Company, we always keep our hairdressers trained and up to date on the latest styles, including Balayage. Balayage means to sweep or to paint, which is exactly what this technique looks like. It is not done in the traditional way that color is usually done. It is similar to free-hand painting. There is no sectioning off and foiling. Balayage color application is simply strategically stroked into the hair by a skilled stylist. It adds soft and naturally blending color highlights.

A common misconception about Balayage is that it can only be done if you have blonde hair. False: You can do Balayage with any hair color. Reds, purples, and pinks are really hot hair colors right now. If you are feeling daring, let our hair stylists Balayage your hair with bright and warm colors like plum and hot pink! For a more neutral look, try caramel browns, auburn reds, and golden blonde balayage highlights. With Balayage, less is more. Get the look you want without spending hours at the hair salon.

Let one of the experienced hair salon specialists at The Hair Company unleash the beauty of your hair with Balayage highlights! You can trust us to make sure that your hair looks amazing each and every time that you come to visit us. Schedule an appointment for an Balayage highlight treatment in the colors of your choice today!